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The Long Road

Updated: Mar 2

September through January has been a season of personal struggle for us as a family.


In September it became clear to me that my Grandmother, who I was visiting weekly in Crewe, was becoming increasingly unwell and, after a series of tests, she was diagnosed with extensive cancer. Having a little medical knowledge, I knew she would not have long to live. She had already almost stopped eating and was already rapidly losing weight.

From this point forward she became more and more dependant on my care, meaning I spent more of the last quarter of 2017 sleeping on her sofa, than I did at home with my own family. I spent Christmas Day nursing her towards a peaceful death and Nan died on Boxing Day afternoon, surrounding by those she loved.

In all this time, Paul - my amazing husband - held together the church here in Liverpool and our large family at home, but things like websites and social media were not high priority to either of us. We were busy focusing on people!

I can testify to God's amazing, sustaining power and love in both of our lives over this time. He made Himself known is so many ways - the small and the significant things that mattered so much. He surrounded us with loving friends and the prayers of warriors. We were upheld and I know it would have been all so much harder without the arms of The Father around us.

Now, we are slowly catching up and specifically for me, I am finding a new rhythm that doesn't include me spending 2.5 days every week away from home. There is still a lot to do, as I am executor of my Nan's will, but today our KEC website will get it's first update since November! Everything here should be up-to-date now, but if you find something that looks like I've missed it, please do drop me a message and I'll sort it out ;-)

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