• Caroline

New Beginnings

We began our new toddler group at the end of January and have already had contact with about 20 children and their families, which is wonderful. Not all the children have come every week, but it is great to be getting to know some of the families in our community. If you are local, I do hope you will come and join us too :D - Click on the picture for more details.

In addition to starting Seedlings, last Sunday we had our Annual General Meeting, which was a lovely occasion, where we ate together as a church family and Paul was able to share some of the blessings & 'successes' of the last almost six months with everyone - and his vision for the church going forward.

Next month we are looking forward to our first Family Film Night;

and in March we are having a Beetle Drive, which should also be great fun.

Building relationships with the families in our community will take time, but we hope that these fun monthly events will be a great way to do that, as well as giving us opportunities to pray with and come alongside any who would like us to do so.

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